Thursday, September 4, 2014

GIVE ME Givenchy (& Jimmy Edgar) @ Motorik 8th August

If I was a DJ, I would wish that I had Jimmy's tunes (and incredibly extensive knowledge in techno music as well as exquisite taste in tracks that go untz untz).

I'm not gonna lie, because I owe I it to myself to accept the truth. My night ended at 2am. Hi my name is Renata and I am a weak bitch. It was even my birthday that night, but by god I swear I am 20 going on 55. Even after a shot of Patron XO (not regrettable) and a can of Red Bull (regrettable). But I can fully assure you, that before I vouched for no pants, a Billy Idol shirt and bed, I was completely transported to a land of untz bang pow by a Mr Edgar. What a sexy sexy set that was (well, the parts I heard). Come back already Jimmy, next time I'll be sure to track down some Ritalin from my hyperactive friends and increase my Patron XO intake by at least 130%.

SONS Tee | American Apparel Tennis skirt | Givenchy clutch | Windsor Smith boots

Special thanks to Voena for making me look not as exhausted as I felt. 

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