Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lady Ga(y) Ga(y) @ Allphones Arena Sydney 30th August

Lady fucking Gay Gay, was so cray cray and incredible-ay (Call up a talent agent I'm the next Iggy Azelea). This bitch does not play around when it comes to a concert. With a constant stream of at least 500kg of confetti being poured into the audience and Gaga's A$$ in a thong all night long, I was a happy monster.

BUT before I get all gaga over Lady, I will mention that it did feel like she didn't have her heart in it. She had her tits out at some point, and shook them around, but dammit that doesn't always mean you're enjoying yourself (even though it does mean that when it comes to me). Voice was amazing, costumes, dancers, stage and routines too; but it seemed rehearsed and rushed. That's all I'll say, don't worry though, I'm still a superfan.

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