Sunday, February 2, 2014


First one of the year, and probably the sweatiest of the year too. Not only did we get to celebrate the launch of Francis Xavier's Chastised and Canonised EP, but also Wordlife's Club Strobe EP. Well. That's a little bit fun. 
I had a little bit of fun too, some would say #toomuch, but that's what this is all about, right? Anyway, the warehouse space was snazzy and ravey and pulsing, and most of all, SECRET. Well, until everyone knew. 
They warned us, and it did marinate you, not only in your own perspiration, but in scrumptious, groovy, techno tunes. The music was all groovy, all absorbing and most of all UNTZ-y as hell. As always. Oh, and it was also a UV rave, which meant WHITE, and also some questionable smears and smudges across peoples faces, and also the bathroom sinks.
Lads and bitches, I give you, three consecutive photographs of me drinking Patron XO out of a Slush Puppie cup. Hashtag WHY.

White halter crop | Subtitled Plaid Shirt | Micheal Kors Boyf watch | Bardot leather gym shorts | American Apparel white bralette 
Photos: Voena & Backyard Opera 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

DⒶS BUNKER @ Los Angeles

OKAY, this is a very late post. I would apologize but I'm not sorry, I'm as sorry as Justin Beiber for drag racing and driving under the influence (insert Beiber bash comment here).
Anyway, I had the lucky chance to attend Das Bunker, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This place is the prime place for the illest industrial, goth-y goodness music and people. It was also the LAST NIGHT of this iconic hub, and I got to be there. Welly, welly, welly, loving lyf.
It was a sick/ill/dope night, because besides getting my cousins completely trashed (sorry not sorry), making new friends of the night and experiencing the real Los Angeles night streets, I came home, and didn't smell like the floor of a bar and stale cigarettes.The place was oddly clean.

American Apparel Sheer red Tee | Golden 'RAD' Necklace | Gold embroidered Bomber | Urban Outfitters Triangle Lace Bralette