Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boyfriend jeans, but no Boyfriend

So, what should I call them, hey?
I have an abundance of these bay-bees and I love them to death. In my opinion, you can't really go wrong in them. They're effortlessly stylish and they'll look good on pretty much any body type. I haven't found a pair that I've tried on and been unhappy with. We all know that unhappy state, trying to blame the store lighting, or the store mirror. No, these beauties always feel and look good. That's why I have so many pairs. This isn't even all of them, I have a bright red pair from Country Road and classic denim pair from Zara too.

From left to right, we have some River Island ones, Ruehl No.925 Denim ones, and even some Prada ones. The Prada ones I found very happily in a thrift store. I was a great day.

I use to have to search high and low for these, infiltrating thrift shops and buying mens jeans to fold and make my own boyf jeans, but now they're everywhere. So they're supa easy to find, yo'

Get summa dez studs, you'll be very happy with the purchase. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What the ART are you doing ?

Apart from finding anything inappropriate in, and laughing at, even the most classical artworks, I feel a tad more cultured having visited the. It was a forgiving 25 degrees, so I was free to celebrate the absence of pants.

Wore the dress I made in the White light post, threw the love of my lyf -my leather jacket- from Oxford, over my shoulders to brave the still cold breeze and finished it off with some boots from Topshop. I bought those boots 3 years ago, and hated how they looked on me, until now. 
Anyway, the Art Gallery of NSW was stunning, dreadlocks and Doc Martens were abound, and I had a good laugh at a few wieners on those perfectly sculpted statues.

Since I left it too late a decision to grab some friends, I took my trusted brother along and let him shoot some of these photos. He came along partly because he had never been there before and mostly because he had nothing better to do, oh and he also joined me with his Tom Ford sunglasses and Polo Ralph Lauren jumper.

Check out the Photography Gallery if you're there in the next month, the exhibit is beautiful.

Look at this drank chick, nip slip and all. 
See? I told you I found something to laugh at in even the most classically hand-crafted pieces.