Sunday, September 15, 2013

U N T Z | U N T Z | U N T Z @ Motorik 6th September

If you've missed the last Motorik parties then consider yourself Square. 
Non-stop good vibes, Tasty, tasty tunes, and Party monster-esque patrons. Motorik has it all. The Vibe Council started the night with some chilled beats, only making everyone clench their fists more with excitement and anticip-ation. This time the warehouse was equipped with a back area, mood-lit for your pleasure, and lined with couches for the weak. The walls were plastered with UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ, to obviously remind us to UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ all night.

I wore a cropped cami, Leather Gym shorts, Thrifted polka dot overshirt and some platformZ. You best believe I did not look this put together by the end of the night. It would have been a shame if I did, really.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get WAIϟTED this Spring

With Winter dead and gone, I found myself left with a pile of Oath over-shirts, Jacked (in a good way) jackets and Sick (also in a good way) Sweaters. And since I don't need these to keep me warm any more, why not use them to add another layer to my outfit.

ft. my fab Polka Dot Overshirt, sheer white Overshirt, velvet-y black Overshirt, rad Plaid Overshirt, striped Overshirt, Coated black Sweater and 90s camo parka. 

Get Waisted with me, get waisted this Spring, get waisted already. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

✌ paint day at T H E H A U N T ✌

Artists Mike Watt, Sindy Sin, Alex Lehours, Dale Bigeni, Adrien Teem Repeti and Trait Cross, pleased the crowd with their sweet, sweet Art last Saturday. 
Held in a converted warehouse was a pile of people just wanting to see some dudes paint and listen to some tasty tunes while having a Cider. There was a bar, some sweet DJs and artists on all levels, all walls and all rooms of the house laying down their impressive work. The place was completely transformed thanks to them, though the warehouse was filled with the fumes of spray paint. Which I'm not complaining about, a little bit of dizziness is always fun. 

Check more of my photos out on my Flickr

Friday, September 6, 2013

I h e a r t ♥LOVE CLUB♥

There were floatation devices hung from the ceiling and from patron's arms, childhood mickey mouse blankets strewed across a door opening, teddy bears smacked against the back wall of the DJ booth. Essentially, it was a childhood dream of mine to one day build and probably live in a place like this. I fulfilled my dreams, in a more drunk, messed up and 20 year old kind of way. You should too.
A Friday night at LOVE CLUB, and you'll be hooked. You'll also be left crying into a bottle of hard liquor when I tell you what you missed out on last Friday night.
I hope you're familiar with Ksubi, because the co-creator, Dan Single a.k.a DANGEROUS DAN, who also had his golden fingers in Bang Gang, pleased the crowd with his Disco decibels. With the likes of that, you're already regretting it aye? Anyway, we also got the pleasure of seeing, or rather listening and grooving to VIVI, 'chairman and rave shaman of Motorik'. Oh and the head man of Death Strobe Recordings, a mr LE ROUGE.
It was a night of techno-disco-funky-groovy-madness, and you missed out on it. So you shouldn't miss out on the next one.

THIS is what happens when you give a very intoxicated (swear he wasn't even going to drink that night) person the camera.

Renèe Bea 
hey ho, ex oh

Sunday, September 1, 2013

M a r k e t s

Its been too long since I posted, mostly because I've had a complete overdose on ASSignments and studying. H8ting LYF.
Anyway, last Sunday I did have the time to run a stall at the Narabeen High School Carboot sale. I got summa my old clothes and summa my altered clothes and had a little party to myself. Made some money, makin' it rain, so I can buy more clothes. Its a vicious cycle.
Anyway, I wore my Camo parka, Leather gym shorts, a plain white tee and my Favourite gold watch.
I linked those cool cats who bought my clothing here and at my eBay store, hope I've made some new FRIENDZ.