Friday, September 6, 2013

I h e a r t ♥LOVE CLUB♥

There were floatation devices hung from the ceiling and from patron's arms, childhood mickey mouse blankets strewed across a door opening, teddy bears smacked against the back wall of the DJ booth. Essentially, it was a childhood dream of mine to one day build and probably live in a place like this. I fulfilled my dreams, in a more drunk, messed up and 20 year old kind of way. You should too.
A Friday night at LOVE CLUB, and you'll be hooked. You'll also be left crying into a bottle of hard liquor when I tell you what you missed out on last Friday night.
I hope you're familiar with Ksubi, because the co-creator, Dan Single a.k.a DANGEROUS DAN, who also had his golden fingers in Bang Gang, pleased the crowd with his Disco decibels. With the likes of that, you're already regretting it aye? Anyway, we also got the pleasure of seeing, or rather listening and grooving to VIVI, 'chairman and rave shaman of Motorik'. Oh and the head man of Death Strobe Recordings, a mr LE ROUGE.
It was a night of techno-disco-funky-groovy-madness, and you missed out on it. So you shouldn't miss out on the next one.

THIS is what happens when you give a very intoxicated (swear he wasn't even going to drink that night) person the camera.

Renèe Bea 
hey ho, ex oh

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