Sunday, March 31, 2013

Neon mess: while the weather is cooling down

It was a little nippy yesterday when I headed into Sydney's very own Chinatown for a late dinner. So of course I was extremely excited to finally be able to wear my Neon yellow Zara jacket. 
The ONLY way I can stand loosing summer and entering winter is because of my extensive collection of jackets, sweaters and blazers. I actually can't stand cold weather, I really can't. 
So here I am, wearing my Soft, leather look PU pants, my shear and wool mid-drift top and my Wittner ankle boots. And of course my Neon yellow, Gold zip, ab fab Zara jacket. I also got a bit creative with my nail polish, and did a sort of reverse french tip, with the white and black.
I have lots of opportunities to get fab in my jackets now, so expect more outfit posts. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

The power of Flowers, or fake ones anyway

I am actually obsessed with making things out of fake flowers. I feel like a little disappointed in myself for not planting, growing and harvesting these flowers myself, but ain't nobody got time for dat. 
So I bought these by the colourful bunch, and made a white headpiece for my friend's Woodstock themed 21st. I have a morning wood for Woodstock themed parties, so I went all out. Assembling the headpiece was actually at a 4 year old's skill level, so I actually shouldn't brag about this too much. I also shouldn't brag about it because it is the most unoriginal idea ever. I just thought it would be an excuse to take photos with pretty flowers. Even thought they're fake. Whatever. Just ponder the fact that I may be shirtless under those flowers. 
And the illusion is shattered because I'm not, HA!

Monday, March 4, 2013

I wanna see your Pom-Poms

So I was let loose in a Forever 21 store in San Francisco, and when you are shopping overseas you feel like you should buy anything you lay your eyes on. Well I didn't think this purchase out very well, because, as you can see it looks pretty awful on me, maybe even dreadful. So after two years of it sitting in my closet, I decided to take it out, cut it up and add summa dem Pom-Poms on the bottom. The Craft store lady was really excited to see me buy them for some reason, she even gave me a discount. I'm connected in the craft community.
And I got mah weave did since my last post. Got the ends lighter, my hair looks like caramel and I'm liking it.