Sunday, March 31, 2013

Neon mess: while the weather is cooling down

It was a little nippy yesterday when I headed into Sydney's very own Chinatown for a late dinner. So of course I was extremely excited to finally be able to wear my Neon yellow Zara jacket. 
The ONLY way I can stand loosing summer and entering winter is because of my extensive collection of jackets, sweaters and blazers. I actually can't stand cold weather, I really can't. 
So here I am, wearing my Soft, leather look PU pants, my shear and wool mid-drift top and my Wittner ankle boots. And of course my Neon yellow, Gold zip, ab fab Zara jacket. I also got a bit creative with my nail polish, and did a sort of reverse french tip, with the white and black.
I have lots of opportunities to get fab in my jackets now, so expect more outfit posts. 

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