Sunday, April 21, 2013

Overpriced t-$hirt: I'm my own Creeper

I'll leave you weeping when I tell you this shirt was $60. To be fair, I bought it in an impossibly cool thrift store in Denmark, one which you had to climb down stairs to get to, and also fight your way through disco pants, and fur collars to get to.
It was a shirt, a tight collared, long and oversized shirt, so naturally I took to it with scissors, like a true crop-top lovin' soul. I paid for it with Kroners, thinking it would be the equivalent to the average thrifted tee, but found later on it was a whole $60. But I thought nothing of it, because I loved the perfectly worn, torn, and faded feel and look of it. Someone before me, whether they were a retired rocker with a long head of hair and a balding crown, or a slim, twiggy young woman who couldn't get enough of her 'BØ rne Radio', wore this shirt to absolute death, and I'm fully thankful for that. Because no one loves those first few awkward months of a piece of clothing, its a little stiff, scuff-free and just too new. Like new white shoes. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm my own Creeper. 

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