Friday, March 15, 2013

The power of Flowers, or fake ones anyway

I am actually obsessed with making things out of fake flowers. I feel like a little disappointed in myself for not planting, growing and harvesting these flowers myself, but ain't nobody got time for dat. 
So I bought these by the colourful bunch, and made a white headpiece for my friend's Woodstock themed 21st. I have a morning wood for Woodstock themed parties, so I went all out. Assembling the headpiece was actually at a 4 year old's skill level, so I actually shouldn't brag about this too much. I also shouldn't brag about it because it is the most unoriginal idea ever. I just thought it would be an excuse to take photos with pretty flowers. Even thought they're fake. Whatever. Just ponder the fact that I may be shirtless under those flowers. 
And the illusion is shattered because I'm not, HA!

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