Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nine Inch Nails & Queens of the Stone Age 6th March

Yeah. I got to see these heavyweights perform back to back in my own hometown. I may have had fun, whatever.
The air was thick with the smell of damp t-shirts, watered down beer and lit buds. Once you got over the fact that you were at one point in the night going to be covered in beer, have your face grazed across a sweaty back, and be punched somewhere, you would have been in for a night. Before commenting on the delicious set these guys performed, I have to hand it to the crowd. They were absolutely throbbing, and I have bruises, but oh god it was so much fun. I've been in some terrible mosh pits in my time, and this was probably the most considerate, caring pit of people I have the pleasure to share a show with. 
Now, the music. It was so entirely refreshing to watch artists play tight, timely sets. No encores, no revolving stages, no confetti canons. They came on stage, played brilliantly and left.  And it was one of the best sets I've watched, and, I've been to every Gaga show in Sydney. 
So all in all, well done NIN and QotSA, I commend you on your musical expertise, PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN. 

Sorry for the shocking iPhone photos, and here's an additional picture of me sipping free champagne before heading in. Is this picture be the correct application of the term 'Ballin'? #Discuss 

White halter top | Choker | BDG Supa high-waisted jeans | Doc Martens 

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