Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spiritual celebration of a Dance legend: I'M WITH AJAX @ Club 77 22nd February

Mind, body, spirit and soul were bathed in luscious rave anthems. It was certainly a night of tribute that the
late dance legend AJAX would have been proud of. DJ Damage, Jamie Doom, Dangerous Dan, Gus Da Hoodrat and  Double Nolan, with their DJ powers combined it was a delicious, rave-y, sweaty, and very rare night. Please stop now if you're already jealous, because I'm just going to make it worse. Holllaaa. 
The queues were around the corner, but it was so worth the wait. With songs like MR OIZO's 'Cut Dick' (if you haven't heard this check it out NOW) and Tiga's Remix of Märtini Brös's 'Big & Dirty', being dropped, it just became too much goodness for me to handle.
Not to mention they were flipping records and all wearing matching 'I'M WITH AJAX' tees. 
Everyone at some point in the night was able to scream/cry/laugh/yell 'OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FAVORITE
SONG EVER'. Which just added to the overall joy of the night.
Lots of shirtlessness, lots of killer tracks, lots of fake flowers lots of everything good really. 

Velvet Open back top | Micheal Kors boyf watch | Media MAC lipstick | Topshop PVC skirt | ZU platform sandals 

Photos by Voena 

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