Sunday, March 2, 2014

Louisahhh!!! x Maelstrom @ MOTORIK 15th February

It seems like just yesterday I drunkly stumbled into my first Motorik, to see the leading lady of Techno herself, Louisahhh!!!. This time we were short of a secret warehouse, but the Tunes were still scrumptious and the patrons still absolutely thriving from the the XTC, NRG etc etc. Louisahhh!!! and Maelstrom took to the decks at 2am, by then, things had taken a turn for the turnt up. The crowd was more than pleased to finally have their minds, bodies and souls assaulted with house-music-all-night-long. It was a 3 hour set. 3 HOURS OF TECHO GOODNESS, or should I say GOONness. Bangers were dropped, left right and center, absolute bangers of tracks were neatly slid into their set. Canblasters remix of Funkin Matt feat Teki Latex's Get Loose, Jubilee & Burt Fox's Keys Wallet Phone, Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom's Make It Happen, just to name a few. 
When it all finally came to an end, the sun was out, the patrons were wired and I was done with lyf. At some point in the night I met Louisahhh!!! and I don't remember the exact conversation I had with her, but I'm sure I would have been yelling the whole time, and also said something along the lines of "FSDDOSDFSEODSyouareamazing".

Black was my color of choice, to reflect the emptiness of my soul and because I was too lazy to coordinate any sort of color scheme. 

Obviously the joy was too much for me to handle #toomuch

Black mesh trimmed dress | 90s choker | Gold body chain | Fluffy thing bag | Blue Kimchi bralette 
Photos: Voena and a little bit of editing from me.

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