Friday, November 8, 2013

H A L L O W E E N @ MTK 1st November

It was SUPA scary and a little bit awesome. As always, the rave cave was decked out in rave-y goodness. This time it was plastered with Halloween fun, black, black and more black, with the occasional white letters spelling M T K, in case anyone forgot where they were. Which I'm sure people did, because; Yes, it got that cray cray.
Not only where there scrumptious tunes, but ghoul-y patrons who definitely got into the Halloween spirit. Errryone looked immaculate at arrival, only to have it ruined 1 hour later when the dancing took priority over costume rights.
With killa Techno vibes from Jon Convex, Thomas Von Party and the Motorik Vibe council, what else could you want?
As usual; Tasty Techno Tunes, Chill Vibes, Party-monster-esque patrons. U N T Z, U N T Z, U N T Z.

I wore a cropped wife-beater, my white leather gym shorts, my trusty Doc Martens, dripped my chest in gold and got some blood up on me.

Ps Guess who?

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