Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I would have worn if I went out last night: 15th June

Late in posting again, its like Betty Rizzo in Grease. I don't know if that was a bad joke, but I pulled it anyway.
So, pretend its Sunday again and Saturday night was last night. I didn't post last week because I actually went out, I also had a shift the next day at work, so naturally I regretted it.
ANYWAY, I didn't go out this weekend because I had dem dang unay exams, and I didn't want to have to study the next day damn-hung-over. So I decided it was better to stay in and eat my feelings just like the chicks in Mean Girls. It came to a point of utter desperation, started rubbing the text book against my head in an effort to somehow absorb errythang. I will admit I had a moment of weakness, almost reaching for a bottle of vodka to dilute with some nasty energy drank, but it was cold, I was in a sweater and I was clutching a piece of cake with a crazed look in my eye. It might have made a good look, I could have passed for the '90s grunge bitch who don't give' but it was more of a 'Patsy from Ab Fab after a night of wine tasting' gettup. 

Bit of a nod to the massive sports wear trend. Got mah humongous football jersey from Topshop on, seriously, its massive, mostly because I could legally be classified a midget. Anyway, paired that with an Alice in the Eve pleated leather skirt and a huge stone washed denim vest. Of course I had to put some fine a$$ Adidas racers on, and I felt like it was a white patent leather hat sort of night. 

Hey ho, ex oh. 

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