Monday, February 11, 2013

Radical denim

Believe it or not, this actually started as a denim jacket, full sleeves and everything. I rummaged through my mothers closet and found it. My mother still doesn't know I have it, I mean, she hasn't looked for it, yet. But maybe when she finds it and sees what I did with it, she'll forgive me for creative effort. I'll confess that this is the second denim jacket of hers I stole and cut up, the first one looked more dero then Derelique, and yes that was a Zoolander reference. Enjoy it. I know I would. 
Anyway, I cut the back out, cut the sleeves off and stitched some letters up-on-it. It was supposed to say 'Dope' but the craft store was out of the letter E. Damn Vowels. BitcheZ.

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